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D Link Router Login , Setup Tutorial | Admin Password

D Link Router Login: A majority of people uses D Link routers to make their lives easy when it comes to connecting router to internet. Modems and routers are supposed to be configured during their initial setup so that you can enjoy your favorite content on the internet.

D Link router configuration seems easy, but actually, there is a learning curve to that. You can access the D Link router login and perform then D Link router configuration via any internet browser.

Before going directly to the procedure of getting all the IP address list, we’ll first tell you about how you can use D Link router login for Connecting Router to internet. Let’s get started;

D Link router login

D Link router login

Using the D Link router login, there are a lot of several steps you can perform on your router, both during the initial setup and even at anytime else also.

From making your router more secure to create a WiFi network, to even resetting the router, everything can be done doing some changes in D Link router configuration.

The the most important function that you can perform is Connecting Router to internet.

So, let’s have a detailed idea about all of these functions, you might be aware of some, and sure some are going to be new to your knowledge.

D Link Router Admin, Password (Default)

You can get access to the D Link router configuration page using the login ID and password provided by D Link. The default password and username combination are mentioned in the leaflet provided in the router’s box.

D Link Router Setup, WiFI Configuration

D Link router login
steps to setup D Link Router Configuration

Yes, if you have a Wireless router, you can setup a WiFi network which will broadcast the internet wirelessly to almost all part of your apartment or office. Using the D Link router login and IP address list, you can easily setup the hotspot. By default the WiFi is disabled. You can enable and set it up, more on that later.

Securing the router using D Link router configuration

To make sure no one except a few trusted members can log in and change the IP address list, you can disable the default username and password of your router. And instead of using the default username and password you can, set up a new username-password combo.

Furthermore, you can also make your WiFi also by setting up a strong password with an encryption profile, more on that later.

Connecting Router to internet

The most important part is Connecting Router to internet using the IP address list. For this, you are supposed to enter the username and password provided by your ISP. Remember, this username-password combo is different from the username-password of your router. And this can only be used to connect your router to the internet.

  • Creating a network switch, to play games, stream movies and even stream the live TV.
  • Setting up MAC address filtering, allow or disallow users to access the router’s wireless.
  • MAC address filtering can also be applied to wired LAN connections.
  • QoS is something else that you can employ via D Link router login.
  • Apart from all these, you can keep track of all the network and router logs by checking the statistics in D Link router configuration menu.
  • Wondering about the present state of your connection? Well, the uplink and downlink speeds and time can also be seen using D Link router login.
  • You can also block access to some website by either blocking the domain or even IP address list.
  • Child locking is one more aspect of the router that a very few people knows about. You can ensure that for a certain time and for a certain PC or smartphone/tablet (that your child is using) these so many websites can only be seen.
  • Resetting the D Link router configuration using the D Link router login. You get options to reset to default factory settings, or you can reboot the modem with the current settings.

So far so good, but how can you login to the router for Connecting Router to internet?

Connecting Router to internet via D Link router configuration

D Link router login

So before getting started to make sure to perform these steps for quick and easy access to the internet.

  1. Make sure that the router is turned ON and the LAN cable is connected to both the router and your PC or Laptop.
  2. Also, make sure that the router is connected to the optic fiber cable or DSL or ADSL cables (lines provided by your ISP).
  3. You can also change the router’s setting without connection these cables, but you won’t be able to connect to the internet.
  4. So it is recommended to insert these cables on the ports that are placed at the back of your D Link router.

All done. Follow the following instructions to get access to D Link Router Login page.

  1. To access the IP address list, make sure to login into the D Link router’s page.
  2. This can be done using an internet browser, fire up Google Chrome and enter the IP address provided for your D Link router model to access the D Link router login page.
  3. In most of the cases, the default IP address is or
  4. After entering the IP address, you’ll be asked to enter the username and password, by default the username and password is ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ respectively.
  5. But in some cases, the password is set as ‘password’ also. For more information about the credentials check the user manual of your D Link router’s model.
  6. Now you can go to ‘Internet’ section and make necessary changes for Connecting Router to internet.
  7. You can also enter into the Wireless section and add your SSID broadcast name and set up the encryption password to make your WiFi more secure.
  8. Furthermore, you can reset the router to the factory default settings if there is any hiccup by visiting the factory reset menu.

Most common problems while Connecting Router to internet

Majority of people face a lot of issues while connecting to internet via D Link routers. Here is a checklist, make sure to check each one to ensure that nothing is wrong with your router.

Make sure that all the cables are in place and the router is in power ON state.

Also, make sure that while connecting you are entering the correct password for both the router’s WiFi and the ISP to access the internet.

Make a note of the MAC ID filtering option, make sure that your device isn’t blacklisted.


Performing D Link router configuration to get the IP address list and Connecting Router to internet is easy and simple. Please follow the guide and let us know if you face any troubles in the comment section below.

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